Monday, 26 September 2011

Octoberfest 2011!

So octoberfest is finally here... Its been open around 7 days now and I've been twice! so thought Id make a post letting you all know how amazing the experience was!

 For those of you living under a rock, Oktoberfest is a 16–18 day beer festival held annually in Munich, running from late September to the first weekend in October. Only beer which is brewed within the city limits of Munich is allowed to be served in this festival. A litre jug of beer, called a "Mass", is expensive at 8,90 €.

In 2010 beer consumption hit a new record of a staggering 7 million Litres, drinking performance was on form as usual, with visitors guzzling down an average of 1.1 litres each during the two-week event.

                                        Octoberfest waitresses carry upwards of 5 beers at a time!
                                                    with each glass weighing approx. 6lbs.

We arrived in munich at 10am to find that majority of the streets and train station was already flooded with people marching towards the festival. As we arrived at the entrance, there was already evidence of people being extremely drunk after carrying crates of beer on the train! Luckily we arrived just as a large family were leaving so we managed to secure a spot... Unlike previous years in octoberfest beers were also being served to people standing up (Normally you must find a seat before drinking). By mid-day and €60 down (6 Lires of beer) We decided to stumble around the attractions and see what germany had to offer female wise (they offer alot let me assure you)

                                                      German Girls wearing traditional dirndles

By 5pm and after lurking around in the boiling sun meeting people from all over the globe and one of our friends being completely unconsious we decided to try make our way home! Luckily enough we had one sober person with us so we managed to get home just fine!


  1. Those waitresses have a tough job lol! Nice post anyway buddy. Glad to hear you had a great time. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I'm a sucker for some ladies in Octoberfest dresses.

  3. Beeer and booobies what else is there to ask ^___^... ok beautifull girls!.. there :D less perverted DX... needs more pics :3

  4. I wish sweden had a Swedish Beer Festival. But noooo

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