Thursday, 15 September 2011

Arrested for Trolling?!

So guys Im back after a few weeks of not posting... The reason for this being I was busy irl as the german beer tents are now opening up so tis party time over here atm.

While browing the internet today I came across a news report of somebody who was arrested for "Trolling"

An internet ‘troll’ who posted vile abuse on Facebook memorial sites dedicated to dead children was jailed yesterday.
Sean Duffy caused ‘untold distress’ by mocking a 15-year-old schoolgirl who committed suicide,  leaving obscene messages and videos on a condolence page set up by her family.
The 25-year-old – the son of a BBC comedy writer who worked with Terry Wogan – also hijacked tribute websites of three other children he had never met.
In one of the first cases of its kind, the autistic loner was sentenced to 18 weeks behind bars and banned from using social networking sites for five years.

Now my personal view of this is that even tho he said some pretty abusive stuff it is still within his rights to post these comments (Free speach) And so the policing of the last free media begins, how do you decide what is offensive and what isnt? and who gets to decide? as everybody has different views . True what this kid has done is terrible, but facebook and youtube both have "flag" systems where abusive and offensive materials are reviewed and if needed removed. Things like this are just laying down the foundation for England to turn out like china. Jail time for something like this is silly, it takes up court time and tax payers money, a trip to the police station and a 5 year ban of internet would of been a much better way to handle this, the kid will never be able to get a job after this, why destroy another life of some one so young?

the removal and policing of freedom of speech on the Internet is becoming a real worry. There are real reasons for this - the paid media does not like the freedom and anonomity of the Internet, and perceives it as a threat. They collude with governments to police the Internet, so that the real truths cannot be made public, and we can only see the truths published in the paid media that the government and media want us to see. Consider wikileaks. Real journalism. Not the BS crap that the paid media presents to us. True, what this guy has done is horrid, but it is not worth a jail sentence.


  1. I'd say his troll was pretty successful

  2. It's about time this started happening.

  3. Heard this myself a few days ago and wasn't sure what to think then but I have a well formed opinion of it now. Honestly I don't think he was right to go as far as he did. He was more jailed for internet harassment over a prolonged period of time than trolling so I can understand why things went down like they did. Nice post anyway buddy. Try pull yourself away from the beer tents so you can get more interesting stuff like this up, keep up the good work man :)

  4. While I agree with freedom speech. Everyone takes it too far nowadays and just says whatever they want to whoever they want wherever they want.

    Freedom speech at least in america. Was designed for political speech. So that political views and ideals could not be censored. The founding fathers never intended for people to abuse and harass children.

    Heck, just a hundred years ago. People still had duels for honor in the western world. Now we just talk shit about each other on the internet.

  5. unsuccessful troll was unsuccessful

  6. Anonymous said...

    While I agree with freedom speech. Everyone takes it too far nowadays and just says whatever they want to whoever they want wherever they want.

    well what a dumb generilsation you make, rendering your whole argument invalid. Idiot.

    By the way you just defined freedom of speech.

  7. jailed for partaking in an international pastime?


  8. I agree that what he did was unspeakably horrible, but there will always be people that purposely try to antognize you on the internet. I have heard of "trolls" before and I don't believe that they mean half the offensive things they say, but just want to offend people "for fun". As I said, I hate people like him but he did not deserve jail time for something he said on the internet.

  9. I think it was wrong, and he went to far, but I think it is a little OTT

  10. Ahahah, no way!
    That's just stupid. I get it it that's it's not nice what we did, but lolz, arrested? Please.

  11. Ha! Yeh he went to far so i dont mind that he is arrested tbh.